Audition is the world most popular online dance & rhythm game
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Audition is an addictive online dance game that allows you to compete against users from all over the world. Therefore, you will need to create your own account in order to use this program.
Once you log in you will be able to customize your character's appearance by shopping for clothes, shoes, pets, accessories, etc. or by changing the hairstyle, skin color, etc.
You will get to choose from two types of competitions: free ones where you can gain experience with trainings and small battles against other dancers, and tournaments where you will compete against other users and increase your budget and medal collection if you win.

In the tutorial mode you will learn how to control your dancer on a battle and check the rules you need to follow in order to compete against other users. Once you complete your training you will be ready to create or join a room and start dancing.
Controlling your dancer has never been easier, just press the correct arrow keys as shown in a dedicated bar and the "Space" to get to the next dancing moves bar. Depending on how correctly you press these keys you will receive 5 types of scores: Miss, Bad, Cool, Great and Perfect. Your overall score will increase if you manage to get consecutive Perfect scores.

When your experience level is high enough to allow you to participate in tournaments, you will get to choose from 8 types of channels where you can show your dance moves and earn prizes.

This application also comes with a built-in instant messenger where you can chat with other users.

You should definitely try Audition, an exciting online dance game where you can compete against other dancers all over the world and put out your best dancing moves.

Ashley Griggs
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